refund policy

One thing we always keep on our first priority and that is our “Customer satisfaction”. And we always prefer the “Action” instead of “Saying”. Your every purchase is highly appreciable. We try to give focus on every major and minor customer satisfaction level like “Cash back”, because we care. After purchasing our product(s), you can have your cash back from Diamond House. All you need to just follow some instructions and they are:

  • After receiving product, we do cash back within 7 working days. This is applicable for both cash and card payment system.
  • For cash refund, you have to come to our showrooms in person with cash memo and make sure the product is in original condition. Without cash memo, cash back service will not be applicable. We do not provide any service without cash memo. This is, however, applicable for orders within Bangladesh only. 
  • For cash refund, we deduct 30% of gross amount during  money back (one year expiration). And after one year, for lifetime expiration, 38% of gross amount will be deducted. 
  • We encourage you to exchange our Diamond Nosepin instead of money back. lifetime expiration (38% taka will be deducted).

Lifetime Exchange policy

We offer our customers lifetime exchange for all the products that are purchased from Diamond House. Just make sure during product(s) exchange that product(s) condition is in good condition. Just remember the given instructions during exchange:

  • We provide 3 days free exchange without any deduction. 
  • We deduct 25% of gross amount during product(s) exchange.
  • And don’t forget to bring cash memo during product(s) exchange. We do not provide any service without cash memo.