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How should I clean diamond jewelry? (Facts you should know)

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The sparkle of the diamond jewelry is so charming that it became the most expensive thing found on earth. A diamond is hard to cut, break, and even melt, yet it can get dirty quickly. The moment it gets dirtier is the moment when it starts to lose its sparkle.

If a diamond is not taken care of regularly, you can’t keep it clean for over a week. Therefore, it would be best to know “how should I clean diamond jewelry.” Luckily the diamond cleaning process is much more straightforward than you think it is.

So, let’s take a look at the procedure of cleaning your diamond jewelry and maintain its shine.

How should I clean diamond jewelry

How should I clean diamond jewelry at home?

For cleaning up the diamond jewelry you own, you don’t need to take it outside to any cleaner. There are several processes you can follow for cleaning a diamond ring at home by yourself.

We are here to share with you various easy ways of getting your diamond ring clean.

We have discussed three different ways to follow and get your diamond necklace clean in no time. Now, let’s come straight to the topic and without further ado, let’s get started.

Brush the Diamond

The easiest and most effective way among the three to clean your set of diamond jewelry is by brushing it often. Twice or once a week would do great. It would help if you had a toothbrush and, of course, a DIY cleaning solution.

The plan is to take warm water in a bowl and mix a gentle amount of mild dishwasher. Mix them well and create the solution thereby. After the solution is ready, soak the diamond jewelry in it and after keeping it for a few moments, take it out for further cleaning. Take the toothbrush (it must be clean) and softly brush off any remaining visible filth. If you make a schedule and follow that to clean your diamond every week, there’s no way your diamond will lose its shine ever

Use a Jewelry Cleaner

There are certified cleaners for jewelry. Especially for diamonds, you can find a few cleansers that can keep the piece of diamond safe from getting harmed or damaged. Make sure to use cleaners with ammonia in it.

Ammonia is a natural substance that deep cleanses the dirt from diamonds and instantly brings back the true sparkle. You can either buy a jewelry cleaner or make one at home.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has been a great help when it’s about cleaning things with something natural and safe. It’s a substance commonly found in our houses, and we often use it to clean dirt. Baking soda, like a rescuer, will clean up any diamond jewelry in an instant.

To make practical use out of it, fill a cup with clean water. Of course, make sure the water is warm. Mix in the water, baking soda, and one or two teaspoons. Mix them well enough. Now, put the jewelry into the mixture and leave it there for a few moments. Rinse it using a piece of clean cloth to pat dry it.

Natural Diamond Care Tips for Long Lasting Shine

We are so fond of diamonds and their shine; we don’t ever want the sparkle to go away ever. But unfortunately, without the proper maintenance, diamonds cannot sparkle forever. We have to know how to keep the diamond earring clean or a diamond nose pin clean. However, only cleaning diamonds will not help to hold their sheer beauty. Therefore, we have pointed out some natural diamond care tips by following which you can give your diamond a long-lasting shine.

Don’t Keep Wearing it All the Time.

Some of us are obsessed with wearing diamond rings every day. You have to understand that the oils that generate from your finger contain dirt naturally, which damages its sparkle since a diamond keeps attracting grease to it. Hence, try not to wear it daily but only on specific days, like weddings or birthday parties.

Clean The Diamond Jewelry Following a Schedule\

If you genuinely want to keep wearing them most of the time, you must make a schedule for cleaning them, and when the time comes, clean up with jewelry cleaner. You can at least once or at most twice clean the set of diamond jewelry up in a week.

Clean Them Gently

Every time you are about to clean your diamond jewelry, you must be gentle with it. When the diamond is placed shakily, there’s a chance of it loosening. If you roughly clean that, then you will lose the diamond from jewelry.

Use Solutions That Are Not Harmful

Some chemicals can harm diamonds. Solutions like abrasives like toothpaste or Chlorine bleach are harmful to the diamond. These can harm alloy metals like gold by damaging them or leaving scratches on them. Instead, use the solution we have mentioned above since that is the safest solution ever for cleaning up diamonds.

Use Ultrasonic Cleaners Carefully

Sometimes the dirt on your diamond is so stubborn that the usual cleaning process fails to pull out the filth upon it. In such a situation, you need the help of Ultrasonic cleaners. Carefully send sound waves with low frequency through the diamond cleaning solution. The waves will create vibes in it and thus will remove all remaining tough dirt with the help of the vibrating fluid. Be aware of using ultrasonic waves since they are capable of making the stones lose from their place.

Final Words

Diamond jewelry is so expensive we can’t afford to lose its value. The value of diamonds is their shine. But a diamond can never continue to sparkle if it is not accurately cleaned and maintained.

Hence, after knowing. “how should i clean diamond jewelry” you better be able to clean them from now on, on your own. Not only just clean, maintain it too following the rules we mentioned. Get your diamond sparkle forever, and be proud of the way it shines for your cleaning and maintenance.

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